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If you’re anything like us, then you’ll enjoy the thrill and excitement of online casino gaming. Whether slots are your thing, or you prefer something more sophisticated such as blackjack and roulette; each offer undeniable fun. Choosing which online casino to play and more importantly what banking method, can take time. But that’s why we’re here and we’re eager to tell you all about pay by boku casino, which is our number one online banking option.

Best Online Pay by Boku Casino Sites

Boku Casino Sites
Play popular games at Boku Casino sites

If you’re ready to start gaming, then why not try one of our chosen casino sites who offer Boku pay by phone bill banking.

If you want a little more information about Boku casino payments rather than just diving right in, then we have you covered. Our comprehensive guide below will give you all you need to know.

What is Pay by Boku Casino?

So, you now have a number of reliable casino’s to choose from in the list above. Each one offers a huge range of online games, some intriguing welcome bonuses and most importantly the option to pay for credit through Boku.


Boku is the company who offer the ability to pay for your casino gaming credit through your mobile phone bill. The process is really simple, this option of banking also offers you a number of benefits. So, if you normally deposit using debit cards, or even banking methods such as Skrill and Neteller; then you’re going to want to consider phone bill payments instead.

How does Boku mobile banking work?

We have loosely explained it above, but it pretty much means that you can add your gaming credit onto your mobile phone bill. Of course, when your mobile bill comes through you will see the additional casino sites charges and will need to pay them off.


Some providers even allow consumers to use leftover credit on their phones, which is perfect for those of you who top up your phones and never use all of it. Again, this is the same process, so let’s delve in a little deeper and explain how it’s done.

Guide to Making a Deposit

  • Firstly, you need to decide the casino you wish to play on, which we should have made easier with our list above.
  • When you’re ready to register you will see the options of ‘pay by mobile’ or ‘pay by phone’. Simply click on this and the site which redirect you through to the Boku website.
  • Alike the casino, you will need to register a few personal details. This is to ensure that someone else doesn’t access your mobile account and add monies to it illegally. It is a simple online form, but it will include your mobile phone number. Obviously, this will be the mobile contract you wish to add any casino monies too.
  • If you’ve registered on both the casino and with Boku, then you are ready to deposit. Most casino sites will have a minimum deposit amount, especially if it involves a welcome bonus. We would always recommend that you check out the terms and conditions of any new site and their promotions before registering. Boku will also impose a maximum deposit amount when you initially register. This tends to be about thirty pounds/euros per day, but it will increase over time should the player gamble responsibly. This is in line with the UK Gambling Commission and is something we fully support.
  • Once you have inputted the amount you wish to deposit, you will receive a text requesting your confirmation. The response will either be a simple ‘Y’ for yes to continue, or an ‘N’ for no you do not wish to continue. If you respond with a ‘Y’ then the money will be transferred into your casino account and you can begin to play.
  • Of course, the final stage is the dreaded mobile phone bill, but there are no additional fees added. You will then pay off your phone bill and begin all over again.


How to use Boku mobile payments

Responsible Gambling

We have already mentioned it briefly within the ‘how to’ deposit with Boku, but it would be remiss of us if we didn’t mention responsible gambling. Banking methods such as pay by phone bill are here to make gambling and depositing easier, but sadly this can lead to vulnerable people being led into debt.


Online gaming should always be about enjoyment and not used to subsidise your lifestyle or pay your bills. Should you need advice we would always recommend, as they have details on support mechanisms that you can access or put into place.

Why use Boku Deposit by Phone Bill?

Pay by phone bill is one of the most popular methods of banking for gamblers and there has to be a reason why. Companies such as Boku and Payforit offer something that other companies do not and that is the ability to deposit without fees. Now depending on the casino, this may not always be the case and if you access Boku via Neteller there will also be an administration charge. But the largest percentage of casinos will not add additional fees just because you have used Boku as a preferred method. To put this is simple terms, if you added £10 in credit then you will have £10 credit added to your casino account! Now it doesn’t get better than that!


But probably the biggest reason for the popularity of Boku mobile billing, is the fact that it offers more security than other methods. So far, we haven’t mentioned the need for you to enter bank details, which is something many of us have to do regularly as gamers. With deposit by mobile phone bill, you do not need to provide your bank details; because your mobile phone provider already holds those details.


All payments are conducted and completed with the mobile provider, so you no longer have to provide your sensitive information to casino after casino. You will of course need to provide a few basic details and due to changes in the UK Gambling Commission regulations, most casinos now require copies of your identification. This compliance ensures you are of the legal age to play online gambling.

The Mobile Phone Providers Who Accept Boku

This will be an ever-changing list, but most of the main providers such as EE, 3, O2 and Vodafone all accept Boku. Alike the casino terms and conditions, we would always recommend you contact your phone provider and check before you begin the process.

The Negatives of Mobile Boku Pay by Phone Bill

Even though there are some incredible reasons to use Boku banking, unfortunately there are also some negatives. Whether this puts you off and you continue with your normal banking method, that is completely down to you. So, let us give you all the facts so you can make the decision.


You may have noticed that we mention depositing a lot but have yet to explain the process of withdrawing your funds. This is because you cannot remove credit from your account via Boku mobile carrier. Boku is purely a depositing option only and as such should you win, you would need to enter bank details to remove any of your monies.

Boku Casino Payment Limits

As we have mentioned before there are maximum deposit limits of about £30 per day. Some sites will also impose a minimum amount, which tends to be about £10. The fact that you are capped when you deposit can be annoying for players who have a higher budget. So, if you are a high roller, then Boku may not be for you, but it is there to ensure vulnerable players are protected; plus the amount can increase over time.


Finally, there are some casinos who will not give welcome bonuses to players using Boku as their preferred banking method. We suspect this is due to previous issues with funding, but again always check out the terms and conditions; especially if you want to use phone bill payments and are interested in the welcome bonus.

Boku Mobile Casino and Neteller

Neteller is another popular banking method, because it acts as an umbrella for many payment options, housing them under one roof. Sadly, because it is a middleman, there are administration fees applied to payments; this is the same if you access Boku through Neteller.


What Neteller can give you though, is access to other gambling sites; who do not offer pay by phone bill directly. These include top brands such as Bet365, who have sadly not realised the benefits of Boku banking. So, if your favourite casino, bingo or sports site doesn’t offer Boku, then take a look and see if Neteller is an alternative route.

Should I Deposit Using Boku?

Hopefully we’ve given you a comprehensive list of the reasons why pay by Boku casino banking is so great, alongside some of the problems. The decision as to whether you use it is down to you! All it takes is a little research with your mobile provider and your chosen casino, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to make the right choice. All we can add is happy gaming and we hope you enjoy our casino choices!